Sean-Paul & Juliana Fay’s ULTIMATE MAGIC KIT


The Ultimate Magic Kit has some effects that Sean-Paul uses in his show still today.    There are some easy ones you will be able to do right away – and some with some practice will be even better.   All are AMAZING!


Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay’s Ultimate Magic Kit is the the NEXT STEP if you are already familiar with what we have in the deluxe Magic Kit.

Ages 10 and up  – you will be able to do some amazing magic RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.  Also – there is a booklet that will teach you an additional 50 magic tricks.

Also there is a bonus set of magic tricks that Sean-Paul and Juliana Fay  taught on their weekly morning appearance of Ozarks Fox Am.   You will get the secret web address to see these bonus videos and learn some advanced magic.

Special Holiday Offer

If you order this Deluxe magic kit before Christmas – the Sale price is $39.95  WITH FREE SHIPPING.
You will also receive a copy of their hit DVD LIFE WITH A MONKEY (over 10,000 copies sold for $14.95)
It will show what is was like to live with Frankie the Monkey for 17 years.

Finally – if you order before Christmas – Sean-Paul will record a custom personalized video for whomever you are purchasing the gift for.   You will be able to fill out the form for who it is for at check out and Sean-Paul will do a 3-5 video encouraging your gift recipient.

This deal is only for the Holiday or while supplies last – so don’t delay.


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